Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Are Republicans Waging War on Women?

I'm going to say it right up front. I am not an American nor do I live in the US. I'm Canadian and in the end it really doesn't matter what I think regarding this and I'm aware of that.

I speak as a woman. Just as I would speak out against the wars raging against women throughout the rest of the world. However the U.S. is my neighbor. I have had the pleasure of visiting there and I have friends there, and unlike my sister who vows she will never live in the states, I am open to the possibility.

I do not have either Republican or Democrat leanings. Up here in Canada we have our politics but we don't base friendships, marriages, or religion on people's preferences. It's my observation that American's can get quite rabid heated about it.

But after recent headlines I can't help but say something.

I was going to let another example of Rush Limbough's stupidity pass on by. It's not like he needs more attention but he is part of the problem. It's not the first time he has said something idiotic and hateful about women. It seems to be a specialty of his. The latest was calling women sluts and prostitutes because they use contraception and want it paid for in health plans.  Hey I know the language is strong but it's not my word, it's Rush's. Such a gentleman.

Not only is it hateful but it shows complete ignorance concerning the pill. Is Rush saying that married women shouldn't have sex? Because they use contraception. Does he not know that frequency is not related to taking the pill? It's taken every day no matter what or it doesn't work. The pill is also used for other medical conditions that are not related to sex or morality. So what is Rush saying? That all women, even married women should refrain from sexual relations and if there is a medical problem it should be ignored?

He's been saying hateful things towards women for years. The first time I heard him was seventeen years ago when he told women that they shouldn't have any dreams of their own and that they should support their husbands no matter what. So if he wants to live in a cave somewhere and eat dung she should happily come along and cook it up with a smile. I wonder how he feels about men that want sex with their wives since according to him women who have sex are sluts. Some dilemma there. Give in to your husband and be a slut and prostitute, or refuse him and be accused of not supporting him. I'm not even going into the time he supported a philandering senator and blamed his wife because she talks to her husband when everyone knows that women are supposed to be empty headed and not say anything. I'm sure if you googled Rush Limbough there will be plenty of examples of his misogyny so I'm not even going to bother pasting links. It would just be another long list.

The worst isn't that he says these things. He has the freedom to say them. It's that he's paid to say them.

I wasn't even going to mention him and let this latest disgusting performance go until I came across two recent news articles.

Wisconson Law Claims Single Moms Cause Child Abuse by Not Being Married

So here we have a Republican senator who wants to punish women and children for not being in a married state.

Does that include divorced and widowed single moms? How far does this go? Does he want to take children away from their mothers and give them to married people? What happens when those people get divorced? Does the child get taken away again?

And doesn't this law actually cause child abuse by not making it possible for single moms to find a place to live? Who's abusing who here? It's not the moms.

But it gets worse for Wisconson.

Wisconson Lawmaker Says Women Should Stay in Abusive Marriages

So while he's beating your head in you should just remember that you love him. As you nurse your broken ribs you can think about your wedding day, and when you lie gasping on the floor because he's collapsed your lung, you can reminisce about the day you went on a picnic. And at your funeral people can talk about what a loving and forgiving woman you were.

Did you know that social services takes children away from mothers who stay in abusive relationships?

See where I'm going here. Rush calls all women who have sex sluts, so if you are married you shouldn't have sex, unless of course he demands it because you have to do what he says. You're still a slut and a prostitute but at least you're obeying your husband. If you have children and he beats you, you should stay in the marriage even if it means that your children are taken away from you, and if you divorce him then you deserve to have your children taken away because now you're a single mom. And if you're in a loving marriage and your husband dies, then you're children should be taken away too.

So not only are Republican against abortion (and I am against it for birth control reasons although I think there are valid reasons), they are also against birth control and single momhood. Which leaves adoption. Not that I'm against adoption, I think it's wonderful and the right choice for many young women, but I think it needs to be a choice. Not a case of the government ripping babies out of their mother's arms, or in this case swooping down as soon as they've cleared the birth canel.

I thought the Republicans were against government interfering, and yet, here they are. Not all of them certainly. But if this is an example of what Republican's stand for, then as a Canadian I may very well have to help women escape across the border into Canada.

I would think that women, especially Rupublican women would be denouncing these characters. They are not good for the image. Nor is it good politics for vote getting when more than half the voters are women. I guess these men didn't realize that women got the vote almost a century ago.

So what does this have to do with this blog which is about God? Well this. This is not a very Christlike way to handle things. I cannot imagine Christ using these tactics or Rush's words to describe women even though Republicans like to claim that they are Christian.

And one day each of these men will have to answer to the Father when he says "Why did you treat my daughters so badly?"

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