Sunday, March 23, 2014


Watershed: an event or period marking a turning point in a course of action or state of affairs

I went to the United Church today. I had been doing so much at the United Church lately that I figured it was time to go to a service. So I went and was greeted warmly by people I knew, mostly from those other things I had been doing. There's the book club group on Tuesday mornings and a group that was looking at "Living the Questions" on Sunday evenings. So it wasn't an entirely scary thing that I was doing. Just different. Plus I had written an article for the newspaper about the United Church building.

The pastors message today was about the woman at the well. 

And about watersheds.

And so inspired I wrote a poem which has music in my head because that's generally the way I write poetry even though I have no musical abilities whatsoever in spite of being a singing nun in the Sound of Music.

Here it is. I never promised greatness.


The stream runs to the river, twisting, rushing, falling,
The river runs into the sea,
The water leaves its life, giving everywhere it goes,
And moves on towards its destiny.
I have been turned around from the road I was on,
And away from where my path had always led,
The view here is different, in sight, and touch and sound,
As I mark the point of my watershed.

Come and drink from the river rushing by,
Let it pool in the places that had dried,
Open up my eyes, open wide my heart,
Feast upon the word and be well fed,
I may travel this alone, as I make a brand new start,
I will mark the place of my watershed.

Though the path is different, the goal remains the same,
I re-examine things I thought and said,
I put on all my tools, my armor and my sword,
And mark the place of my watershed.
The road is bumpy and uphill, I’m not sure where I’ll be led,
And I look back on my watershed.


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