Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Carol Lynn Pearson`s A Walk in Pink Moccasins

Fabulous post on Feminist Mormon Housewives by Carol Lynn Pearson.

A Walk in Pink Moccasins

I have lived 33 years in the church and have often had these feelings only to be slapped down by some well meaning woman and told that I wasn`t reading my scriptures or being spiritual or whatever.

It`s nice to be able to voice my opinions, although I still have to be careful at church. There`s no point in upsetting the apple cart when people want the apples. They don`t go to church to debate or question. They go to church to be told.

And really, I`m not interested in debates at church, I go to be spiritually fed. However I am open to new ideas. Or old ones that I haven`t heard about, or anything that isn`t the approved doctrine.

I bet church was a lot more interesting when everything wasn`t correlated and we weren`t told what to think.

I really love the concept of a Heavenly Mother and being a Priestess. I do not see how that takes away from men. If anything it makes us all more productive and powerful.

I don't understand how it's honoring Heavenly Mother to pretend she doesn't exist and refuse to speak to her. I would be so hurt if my children did that to me, and hurt more if my husband commanded it. I doubt Heavenly Father treats her that way, so why should we? Surely she is as much a part of our lives as He is and is a part in answering our prayers.

I'm thinking I'll start praying to her as well, but honestly it's hard when I've been so indoctrinated in the way of prayer.

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